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IST Suite is an integrated web based proprietary suite of facilities management applications that enables our site managers to provide customers with an unparalleled level of service and measurement.


Tracks and reports on all HR activities at a site. This includes basic HR personnel information, time reporting, and on-line training / certification. Includes automatic updating of training completion status when a new training SOP is entered or changed.


Submits jobs to the copy center by attaching a file from the client PC or network drive. IST-Copy allows you to attach multiple files and send them to the copy center. It allows you to specify all of the copy job parameters including where to deliver the prints.

IST-Copy Track

tracks and reports on all copy center jobs and related tasks. It can track by department, by person, or by type of job. It allows you to input additional items to be tracked as needed. Complete reporting is included. It tracks both cost of jobs and “charge back” costs for internal departments.


Track tracks and reports on all equipment repairs and service calls. The system can be utilized to track various types of equipment and various service vendors. Comprehensive reporting is included. Tracks equipment purchased and leased.

IST-Mail Sort

Tracks and accounts for all incoming packages, speed mail sorting, and provide information needed to allocate back the costs of mailroom operations to those individuals and departments who have the highest volumes of incoming mail. Voice recognition makes sorting mail quicker and more accurate.

IST-Package Track

Logs incoming packages. An internal package ID and label is produced and adhered to the package. IST then scans the package into the Signature Palm. End-users then sign for the packages and all deliverer information is uploaded into the IST-Suite system.


Tracks assets, inventory, resource utilization, and cost allocation. The application helps to eliminate human error by using a meter read balancing system, automated reports, and pre-loaded site-specific customer data.

The IST Client Center

Provides a one stop, real-time location for IST client contacts to access up to date information about their on-site IST operations. Client Contacts can review the percentage of on-time copy jobs, open service tickets, review reports and get important IST contact information all at their local desktop.

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